our story

Give a RAK Pack is a company dedicated to making 'giving back' easy, accessible, and fun. We make spreading kindness part of your monthly routine so you can feel good knowing you're making a difference each and every month.

it started at 16.

My curiosity about humanity started in high school- wondering why some people have such a warm and welcoming energy and some just...don't. And could I possibly change that? Something I became aware of was that being around people who were smiling and happy was kind of contagious! As I got older, I also realized how easy it can be to bring a smile to someone's face - even if it seems like they are dealing with a lot of negative emotions. Even a small gesture can turn someone's whole day around.

My drive and passion for humanity led me to create Give a RAK Pack- a company dedicated to spreading kindness in small ways (and big!). 

Paying it forward doesn't just mean donating thousands of dollars to charities (although a wonderful way to give back). I want to bring awareness to the idea that little random acts of kindness can go a long way- creating a tidal wave of positive change.

And when we make it a part of our lifestyle, the benefits are tenfold. This is why I created Give a RAK (random act of kindness) Pack, to make spreading kindness your monthly ritual. 

It's easy, accessible, and fun so that you can reap the benefits and create a ripple effect for those around you.